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Dear Sir,

Unity is Strength, when a work is done united for obtaining any special goal is called unity. It is a significant feature in human life. Without unity we cannot do a single day.

The necessity of unity in human life beggars description. Unity has great value in every walk of life. By using this power many personalities emerged as Scholars’ Scientists, Physicians, Politicians, Spiritual Masters, Direction and employees of lakhs of employees. These highly talented people also have some difficulties in their life.

The worries and difficulties of those persons must be wiped-out and with the mercy of these people, the ordinary subjects must be benefited. That is the highest object of our organisation.

The objectives

G.G. Foundation is established to work for the betterment of the downtrodden people, especially for the fishermen folks of Chennai and Surrounding areas. When Chennai is growing as a hi-tech city its real inhabitants, the fishermen is still marginalised from the main stream life. Fisher men in Chennai is what Red Indians to America, and Aborigines to Australia. They are still encircled in ignorance, poverty and illiteracy. This made us to fix our prime objective as to liberate them form the bondage of the above said hidden slavery.

Green Village

Green Village is an organisation run by a group of Philanthropist which works for the eradication of Ignorance, poverty and Illiteracy from the target group; we invite the likeminded people to join us in our venture. One can support us with their physical, mental or material power.


Day-to-day activities

Green Village is a subsidiary Association of G.G. Foundation. It started functioning from 7-4-2009 as a thrift and credit co-operative society. The members are the share holders with equal rights “Come on friends, let’s grow in friendship, and let others grow” is our clarion call. A member has to pay minimum Rs. 10/- day and the Green Village Committee is responsible for financial matters.


Members are expected to have Rs. 3650/- as annual savings. They are entitled for group insurance, profit share, Government support, friends support, emplacement opportunity, etc.

Future Plan
1. To work towards friendship. Income generation programmes, Education, physical fitness, Awareness about Government scheme for the Rural people.
2. Fix a target of “Rs. 10 Lakhs saving in ten years” and work to realise that goal.
3. Talented youths must be motivated to conduct cultural programmes periodically.
4. Establish a gramin Bank and improve their borrowing powers.
5. Support our target group to get governmental benefit schemes.
6. To strengthen the understanding and fraternity among villages and communities.
7. Try to make a fixed asset worth cross for every villages fort the stability of the village lies in proportion to thus asset.
8. Conduct annual “get together” for friends, families and villages.
9. Appoint at least five talented and efficient youth to run the above programmes effectively.
Let us hope the villages, our nation and ourselves could become affluent through the above services.


We, the G.G. Foundation deposited our energy and expertise to study the causes behind the disintegration of hereditary villages and to work for the revival of soul of India. We insist hard work, savings and friendship are essential for the improvement of capability and culture. Already the target group are enjoying the fruit of my inventions. We are happy to inform that few more precious inventions are to be delivered soon.

To further our service to our beneficiaries, we expect the co-operation and support of the likeminded philanthropist in the following aspect.

1. To provide salary of Rs. 15,000 per month to two employees of a small office.
2. To provide job in yours concerns to Green village members.
3. To support Green village members financially to start an Income generation programme.
4. To help education, sports, plantation of shade trees on the wayside and to maintain the seashore affected by sea erosion.
5. To support the green village members according to the idea of a donor.
We submit this to your kind consideration and support us by sponsoring any one of the above said schemes.

Thanking you,

Profile :

Mr. P. Gandhirajan hails from an ordinary fishermen family at Thazhamkuppam, Ennore, Chennai - 600 057. His parents were Pattu, and Annapoorani. At present he is running a F.R.P Boatmaran industry. To his credit he has invented F.R.P fishing craft to replace the traditional wooden Kattamaran. His boat maran become a boon to fishermen all over India except Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Prior to this Bay of Bengal Project, Murugappachetty Research Centre, Ferro Cement Kattamaran research and other tried to find an alternative for the wooden Kattemaran. As an individual Gandhirajan achieved what others failed. The speciality of his invention is that water will come and go freely from his craft, but the craft won’t sink. Now he is working on an O.B.M. and Gravity power motor. He is basically philanthropic He is supported by his friends Bala Muthu and Guna.

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